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Monday, May 29, 2017

Cuse Cheap Spotlight Special: Good Nature Brewing @GoodNatureBeer

Recently I received a message from Twitter friend Allan who has been very supportive of what we're doing (and we appreciate all the support we get) about profiling a place he enjoys. Of course, I said if it's local and there is enough information to do a full blog post, we could do a Spotlight Special on them. That is when Allan introduced me to Good Nature Brewing.

After doing some research myself, I found they would be a perfect fit for a blog post. I know some will likely ask, "Introduce? You didn't know about Good Nature Brewing before this?" To be completely open and honest, I knew the name but not much else and as much as I love CNY, it is hard to stay on top of every local business (but I am trying now). What I found though is a place that is not only local but offers some fun and affordable I love beer and brats! :)

Maybe you have heard the name but new to Good Nature Brewing like I was and want to become more familiar with it. Below is a video that is a bit longer than I normally share but it's a great introduction into the company and it kept my attention so check this out (plus as someone who spent 2 years serving in Germany, I can attest to her statements on German bier).

As you know, our name is Cuse Cheap so of course part of what we love to do here is sharing deals and local events throughout CNY and Good Nature has those as well. So let's start with some of their weekly occurances (many of which you can find by clicking on their calendar page here). Like Tuesdays are 2 Stamp Tuesday (get your Growler Club Card stamped twice for each growler refill) and also Pitcher Night (buy one, get the second half off), Wednesdays you can fill your 64 ounce growler and get a short of any beer for only $1, Thursdays you can get $1 off a 20 ounce cask ale while they alternate weeks between jazz and funk music, and Fridays are Hoppy Hours where you get $1 off a selected hoppy beer and a selected malt-forward beer.

On select Saturdays, you can find music including June 3rd at 9 PM when you can hear Sylvan Beach acoustic group Doug and Dave. And on Saturday June 17th, you can take part in the Good Nature Brewery Men's Health Event from 2-4 PM, though this event will be limited and requires pre-registration, which you can do on their Facebook page by clicking here.

As you can see above, they also offer an affordable brunch every Sunday and if you have followed us, you know we love sharing brunch deals. Also if you saw the opening picture, you know their Brat Stand has great deals and beer as well (which is what I plan to try first chance I get to stop in for a visit) and you can see their German Plate pictured below (along with one of their Chef's Specialty Entrees) using local sausage manufacturer Liehs and Steigerwald bratwurst or knockwurst for only $10 and most everything on their menu is sourced from local farms or purveyors, per Good Nature Brewing president and co-founder Carrie Blackmore.

Carrie has also informed me of a great deal at the Farm Brewery whether you are a regular who would like to try a different beer or maybe you are new and unsure which you would prefer. If that is the case, you can get FIVE 5 ounce tasters for only $5!

You can find a list of their year round brews here and their current specialties here or even with at least 24 hours notice, you can order a keg as well. Also check out your local retailers in 31 counties throughout New York state because you may find them on their shelves just like I did during a recent visit to a Nice-N-Easy in Cicero, which you can see pictured below.

You can find them at their website and on social media as well by clicking the links below to stay up on other deal news, to-dos and their current brews:


Oh and did you know that in addition to the Tap Room, the Beer Garden is now open!!!

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