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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Cuse Cheap Spotlight Special: Cuse Cheap

So this week I wanted to do a little something different with our Cuse Cheap Spotlight Special and put the focus on us! It is my intention to be open and honest with you about us and this venture. I want there to be trust and maybe explain more of what we are about and our passion towards making this site and Syracuse/Central New York more enjoyable for visitors and residents alike.

Let's start with introductions. My name is Chuck Fiello Jr (or some may know me more as @OrangeChuck if you follow me on social media) and in July I started this after other blog ideas had run their course. I currently live in a small town in North Carolina where I've been full time caregiver for my mother with Alzheimer's for two years after we lost my father and have lived here since I got out of the Army in 1996. I have longed to be back in the area full time and this year I am looking to make that happen with my mother and myself hopefully around the summer time.

I started this blog because what I noticed as my time as Orange Chuck and over the years, I had heard complaints about how expensive living in NY is and often times complaints about lack of things to do.  Anyone who knows me knows despite living here for professional and personal reasons, I have always loved Syracuse and I am VERY passionate about the area and the businesses that make it up. I have built great relationships with many in the area of the years and I treasure them all.

What I also found in my frequent yearly visits and online relationships is that some aspects of living in CNY can be expensive compared to other areas but there are also many affordable options that don't just include fast food dollar menus or ramen noodles every night. I know many of the negative aspects people complain about are part of the area but I also know that stuff is going on in every town and city in our country today. I also noticed when people said they had nothing to do that I was seeing many local events or business options to keep a life happy and fulfilled.

So I thought to myself, why not showcase the things I see and show people that there are so many positives to the community as well if you remove those dark blinders and watching news filled with negative stories? I looked around and didn't see anyone really doing anything like this so I thought I would give it a try except my friend at Pizza Promos but his dealt solely with pizzerias. There are many free or affordable events to enjoy through various groups, The M.O.S.T. and other museums, libraries or other local resources whether you like family events, beer and food festivals or whatever you may seek. There are also many small, local businesses offering meals, services, products and specials for very affordable prices for those on a limited budget or just looking to save money.

Shortly after starting this blog, after talking to family, I realized I wanted to be back in Syracuse soon with mom to be closer to family and friends there and closer to the place I still call home. I also started into a relationship with a great woman named Nicki who lives in Camden, NY and has joined me in working on this site and I am grateful for her love and support.

If you are thinking to yourself that because I reside in NC, I can't be passionate about the area or lack understanding or out of touch, I would say that though you are entitled to your opinions, you are incorrect. I LOVE Syracuse whether it't rooting for the local teams, eating only Primo and Mary's Salsa or picking up some Hofmann's Hot Dogs & Hinerwadels Salt Potatoes from Spera's Market or enjoy some Empire Brewing or Disco Lemonade or making friends locally no matter their income level, occupation, race or religion.

Now I can talk all day about the area and the many positives so this is why I wanted to do this site. I want people to see that there are so many great aspects to living in or visiting the area and it's not the darkness some like to say it is. If you sit around and watch the news and talking to Negative Nelly's thinking life in Syracuse is all gloom and doom you are missing out on so much that surrounds you. We can each make a difference and it starts with us by sharing the positives and businesses that add character to Syracuse and Central New York in general. There are so many small local businesses that deliver great products and we should embrace them as part of our community and yes I say WE/OUR because as I said, no matter where my physical location is right now (though as I mentioned, there are plans to change that in the very near future), Syracuse is my HOME!!!!

You can find us not only on this website but also on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We are growing every day and I am forever grateful to every single friend we make along the way. Our goal is to support the area and businesses and find you the consumer deals that make your every day easier. We can't help you with your taxes or other costs in life but what we can do is point out any deal we can find whether it's a dive bar or five star because we know everyone's tastes varies and we want to help local businesses whether Uncle Jimmy is working out of his home office or your neighbors The Smith have opened up a business with multiple locations. Again, together we can make a difference and we can make Syracuse/Central New York a great place to live or visit if we work together to embrace it as great for everyone no matter your background or lifestyle and when we can, buy CNY.

I promise if you follow us on this journey, you will see people passionate about the Syracuse area and finding reasons for you to be as well and we will give it our all to provide you with great local content. I hope this will not deter anyone who thought I lived there but I felt I needed to be honest and hope you realize I am no less passionate about what we do here. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and we promise to do everything we can to help you enjoy the area and find your way around Cuse Cheap!

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