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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Cuse Cheap Spotlight Special: Onondaga County Public Libraries

Most communities have them but so many of us do not realize just how fortunate we are to have a resource like your local library. So this edition of our Cuse Cheap Spotlight Special, we thought we would take a few minutes to explain how great a resource they can be by profiling the Onondaga County Public Libraries as a great example because of how much they offer.

How many of you drive past your local library and think it's just a place to hold some books? Did you know many of your local libraries offer that of course but also so much more? Also did you know that within the Onondaga County Public Library system there is the Central Library, 8 branches, 2 satellite libraries and helps serve 21 independent suburban libraries.

So before we get started, do you live in Onondaga County? If so, do you have a library card to one of their libraries? If not, you can click here to get information on how to obtain one. Once you have your card, you have access to all the great stuff we will be profiling here below so feel free to click the link for information...we can wait!

Done? Okay so what can one get with this card? Let's hop on our magic carpet for a ride into a whole new world of exploring your imagination.

So as we stated, libraries are a great resource for books filled with knowledge and stories to explore the imagination. They also offer movie rentals that do not require swiping your credit card at red kiosk in public places. As noted by TeNesha Murphy from Newschannel 9/Bridge Street on Twitter, you can also do some music downloads at some branches as well.  Many of your local libraries are also great sources for computer labs, tax forms/assistance, job search help and information, online learning centers or homework help/tutoring as well as public notaries should you need one.


Every library is different but many are now great resources for guest lectures or events. Let's examine a few examples using specific libraries and the events they host. Many of these are recurring events weekly or monthly so be sure to check the calendars for more information. The best part is that these are fun events that are FREE!

How about some Yoga for Everyone? One hour of free gentle yoga for members at the Betts Branch Library on Monday March 20th from 6-7 PM. Interested? Click here.

Or maybe you have someone in your home aged 12 and up interesting in learning about coding? On Tuesday March 21st from 2:30-4:30 PM you can check it out whether a beginner or expert their Coding Club at the Central Library branch. Interested? Click here.

The Central Library Branch also hosts a Jobs Drop In Lab Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the Second Floor Computer Lab. For more information, click here.

Maybe you are looking for a Book Discussion Group? Well the good news is that many libraries feature various book clubs for all ages and one such club is held at the Paine Branch Library on Friday March 24th from 10-11 AM. Interested? Click here.

What about a Family Movie Night with free popcorn? Good news is, you can check out "Middle School: Worst Years Of My Life" at the Beauchamp Branch on Thursday March 30th from 5-7 PM. Interested? Yes you can find more information on this also by clicking here.

Do you have a young person 12 and up who likes training card games and near the Mundy Branch? Saturday March 25th from 10-11 am you can join this event.  Does your kid ages 6-12 prefer to build things with their hands and want to try their hand at the Lego Club at the Hazard Branch Saturday 2-4 PM? Click here. Or maybe your kid prefers Nintendo Wii and other board games? On Fridays kids ages 5 and up can enjoy that at the Beauchamp Branch and you can read about that here.

You can also find knitting clubs, quilting,and craft clubs and story times.

So as you can see, your local library can be such a great commodity in our community and offer so much entertainment for little or no cost to you and your family.  So get yourself a library card and be sure to check out the great resources the Onondaga County Public Library offers by checking out their website, their Facebook page or their Twitter page. And remember, they have a lot of great resources so be courteous, kind and thoughtful towards others around you while there, treat the items with respect but unless they advertise snacks, please don't ask about the milk and cookies...

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