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Friday, September 15, 2017

Where To Watch SU Games And More Around Cuse Cheap

In the midst of the autumn season in Central New York, I am excited for many reasons including that Orange on the field and soon on the court (not to mention the soccer field, softball field and other SU facilities). As the season plays out, many focus on the attendance of the crowd and while this is a heated debate to be had at times on social media, for many, the costs are just too much at this time for them. I do not shame them as you have to do what is best for you and your family. Keep in mind, from the product value standpoint, Syracuse football tickets are some of the cheapest throughout the country for their level of play (and some other sport events like soccer can also be free).

If you would like to visit the Dome for a game, we here at Cuse Cheap do have a deal going with the official ticket office to help you save a few dollars on tickets (though it may exclude the Clemson game) if you click the link here.

If saving a few dollars on the tickets still is not enough to help or maybe it is too much to go up to the Dome for other reasons, I thought I would put together a list of places where you can watch and maybe save a few dollars. I hope you go to the Dome if you can but if you decide to go out or if you do go to games and just need a place to watch away games, here are a few places and a fun idea for apparel.

Also note that some have NFL deals as well in case you want to get out for those as well.

If you know of any other options, let me know and I will gladly do a second list later. If you wish to check out their website for more information and locations, click the links on the name of the business.


Lew's Sports Bar & Grill
During all SU games, Lew's will offer 75 cent wings as well as $2.50 pounders and 25 cents off all other drinks.

The Beginning II 

The Beginning II is a Buffalo Bills sports bar so if you are a Bills fan, you will enjoy it. That said, during all NFL games this season (and they state on their site they plan to show them all), they will be offering 60 cent wings, $3 Labatts Zubaz cans, $3 bottles of Molson and Miller Lite as well as $7 pitchers.

Jake Hafner's Restaurant & Tavern

Jake Hafner's offers SU and NFL deals during game times. During SU games, you can enjoy 50 cent wings and specials on 22 ounce Coors Light drafts. For NFL games, you can still enjoy 50 cent wings as well as 16 ounce cans of Labatt and Labatt Blue Lights for only $2.50.

Herb Phillipson's

Also if you are reading this between September 15-17, they have free shipping on orders over $25.

Sharkey's Bar & Grill

Sharkey's offers an SU/NFL deal that during games, you can get a half pound of boneless wings with your choice of sauce, served with blue cheese and celery and a flatbread pepperoni pizza for only $10.99. You can also enjoy a pitcher of Bud Light for $8.50 or a bucket of 5 Bud Light cans for only $18. Please note that specials start 15 minutes before game time and run through the games and no substitutions are allowed.

The Wildcat Sports Pub

Thank you to Twitter friend @Jeff_Funck for suggesting The Wildcat Sports Pub. The Wildcat offer is during all SU football and basketball games as well as NFL games and includes the following:

$1.50 slices of cheese, pepperoni or sausage pizza
$2.00 off wings and wing dings
$2.50 Bud Light, Blue Light, Yuengling, Miller Lite and Coors Light (bar area)
$8 pitchers of Bud Light, Blue Light, Yuengling, Miller Lite and Coors Light (bar area)
$14 buckets of Bud Light, Blue Light, Miller Lite and Coors Light

Alpine Gentlemen's Club

And if you are looking for somewhere different to watch college football games, why not try Alpine Gentlemen's Club? On Saturdays, doors open at noon and there is a free buffet usually with pizza, cold cuts and more as well as $3 bottle beer drink specials often until 8pm when the girls go on stage. No cover to watch football until night time and then it there is only a $5 cover!

Tully's Good Times

Town Tavern

Town Tavern in Mattydale does change up their food specials but for NFL and SU games they do offer $2 pounders, $2.50 pints and $2.75 bottles.

The Office Bar and Grill

During Syracuse games, you can enjoy $2.50 domestic cans and 10 wings for $6!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Treat Yourself To A Birthday Deal in CNY

So on September 1, I celebrated my 45th birthday and it reminded me that I had been wanting to work on a post about birthdays. Some places offer deals you can enjoy if it is your birthday or at least during the week. Here is a list of some that I know of and will do my best to update it if things change or I find more. There are a few I will list that are not necessarily locally owned but having grown up in CNY, they are businesses I always enjoyed and still do occasionally as well and I want to help make your day more special.

CNY Central- Let's start off with one for those 18 and under who want to see their name on the morning news. You can sign up for the Birthday Bash but make sure you do so at least 7 days in advance and follow the other guidelines you will see if you click the link.

Cinderella's Restaurant Bar and Suites- When you sign up for email deals at Cinderella's in Sylvan Beach, not only do you get a free appetizer for signing up but if you list your birthday, you get a free coupon emailed to you on your birthday for a desert. Click the link here to sign up (oh and save that link and check it periodically for possible coupons you can use as well).

The Distillery- How about a free meal for your birthday? If you sign up to join The Distillery's Birthday Club (they have a CNY location on Erie Blvd), you will be emailed a buy one get one free dinner entree you can use, though you may still need to provide valid ID with the email. To sign up for their birthday club, click here or if you want, they also offer an anniversary club which you can join by clicking here.

Tops Market- Sorry if the picture is not the greatest quality but saw this at Tops in North Syracuse  during a recent visit and wanted to share it. Please check with your local Tops and be sure they also honor the same deal. If you do shop Tops, be sure to check out other deals available to you on their website and app including their family meal deals.

By the way, Tops in North Syracuse at least has some very cool Syracuse sports oriented cakes and cupcakes in their bakery section if your loved one is a big Orange fan as well.

Byrne Dairy- Here is a simple way to get a free half gallon of ice cream from your local Byrne Dairy convenience store. Simply download their app, put in your birthday for age appropriate deals and on your birthday, they will automatically upload in your deals area, a coupon you can use for free ice cream.

Friendly's- If you go to the Friendly's website and click their offer tab (which you can find the direct link to by clicking here), you will see many offers including the chance to sign up to be a BFF. Signing up gets you 25% off your next visit, deals on cartons of ice creams, email deals and a free sundae for your birthday.

Carvel- If you are like me and grew up loving these commercials and their ice cream cakes, you like know the names Cookie Puss and Fudgie The Whale. Well you can sign up to be a Fudgie Fanatic to get an email that usually includes a free ice cream cone and a coupon to help with the cost of the cake as well. If you are interested, you can find the link to sign up here.

Texas Roadhouse- I am not here to play favorites but this is one I like having visited the one on Erie Blvd multiple times and always enjoying a quality meal at an affordable price. You can also sign up for email subscriptions that will include a free appetizer on your birthday by clicking the link here.

Kirby's- How about a free center cut sirloin steak on your birthday? Click the link here to learn how to get this great deal and the few rules that apply in order for you to use this deal (and make sure you have a valid ID as well).

Kandied Kernel- As you can see, I got out my handy cell phone camera and took these photos I saw while visiting the Kandied Kernel Cicero location recently. Not sure if this deal is permanent or temporary but sharing it either way. You may want to save yourself a trip and call ahead to be sure on this one but who doesn't love free popcorn (and they have great caramel corn as well). For store information, check out their website here.

Pizza Boys- If you are near Little Falls or NY Mills areas, you may want to sign up for the Pizza Boys reward program which includes something special for your birthday and/or anniversary. Click the link here to sign up.

Trapper's Pizza- If you are planning a party of 25 people or more and think Trapper's Pizza in East Syracuse is a good destination, you may want to look into their S'mores Bar which is only $2 per person.

Wolff's Biergarten- FREE BEER HERE! Yes you heard me right. On your birthday, head on over to Wolff's Biergarten on Montgomery Street in Downtown Syracuse and you can enjoy a boot of beer.

Dunkin' Donuts- If you sign up for the DD Perks program, you can earn free beverages including one on your birthday. Download the app on your phone or read more about it here.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Happy One Year Anniversary To Us And Thank You For Your Support Syracuse

This weekend marks the one year anniversary of Cuse Cheap! On July 1st, I had the realization I wanted to do more than just a regular blog and so I researched some ideas and on July 2nd, I posted for the first time after all the research was finished. I did Google searches, wrote down concepts and decided I was so excited that I did not want to waste time...I had found what I wanted to do and I wanted to share it now.

As a caregiver of a mom with Alzheimer's, I explored the possibilities of a caregiving blog or information about Alzheimer's. I decided quickly though that there were others doing this already and doing it well and I spend 24/7 caring for mom so I wanted something different...I wanted a mental escape of sorts.

Since approximately 2009, I have dabbled in blogging and social media and most of my stuff centered around Syracuse sports. Within many of those posts, there was always a desire to bring up other Syracuse topics I enjoyed. In fact, often times other than one blog post about Jonny Flynn that got picked up by CBS Sports website, some of my more popular posts seemed to be when discussing local products or businesses.

This time around I wanted to combine that with something different however....something more that people may enjoy or possibly benefit from if they took the time to read. I saw other cities where social media accounts advertised free or cheap things going on in the area and thought this might work if I combine it with promoting local businesses like I had in the past to some extent. and add my passion for this area and the people in it.

Over the years, I had constantly heard and saw online many who complained about the worst aspects of Syracuse. (i.e. it's too expensive, nothing to do, crime downtown, rude people, etc)  And while I am not ignoring many of those complaints (because many have valid complaints), I wanted to show that there were many positive aspects of the community. Many of those negatives are not just a Syracuse problem but a society problem and I felt like I wanted to make a positive difference.

In my experiences over the years, I learned of some great businesses throughout Syracuse and Central New York that I felt deserved some love and some business owners or social media representatives, I had interacted with and felt comfortable with. I also knew there were many small businesses who may offer some great personality to the area but maybe do not have the advertising budget that some national corporations might have and deserved a spotlight as well.

So I started thinking I would occasionally post deals when I saw them in bunches and do profiles on businesses. After a couple months, I started to realize I should change my "business model" and concentrate on social media and use the blog to still supplement that with profile posts and maybe do special features like brunch options, kids deals or happy hours. So I opened Twitter, then Facebook and then Instagram with the purpose of sharing information I shared there that need not need a full post as well as retweet or share posts I saw to spread more information for people to see. We also update our profile pictures on those platforms monthly with pictures of local businesses to help show them off as well.

What I also found was more access to other businesses, some of which I learned about myself doing this. I want you to drive down James Street or Erie Blvd and look at all the businesses (well not while you are actually driving...please watch the road first and foremost) and now imagine trying to help promote all small businesses in the area and you see one of my hurdles yet blessings doing this project. Yes, often times if you follow me you will see many of the same businesses repeated because they do offer great deals but I am always looking for other small, locally owned businesses to share deals with as well. I want to show people who live in the area or visit some of the great places that make Syracuse such a great community.

I also thought what a great way to show those people who say there is nothing to do all the fun options that exist throughout Syracuse and CNY.  Fine, this may not be Vegas or NYC but you can have fun doing many things if you open your mind up to the possibilities. Things like museums, libraries, community centers plus local charities, schools and churches who offer a chance to give back or help others as well as keep you busy and make the community a better place.

Let me also clarify my stance on things as well while I am doing this. I do not hate corporations or chains. I realize they have their place and I use them myself from time to time as well. However do I really need to tell you about the dollar menu at fast food restaurants or foot long sub deals at Subway or how cheap well known groceries stores are? I think we all know this already. What you may not know those is what many local places offer that often time is comparable to them or offers a deal occasionally worth exploring.

For example, suppose you live in Cicero and you need to save money so you head to the Wal Mart here. I won't judge you but I would like to point out that within the same area you also have places like Speras and Green Planet Grocery that have specials or offer healthy or fresh alternatives as well that maybe you could explore as well. And sure, Pizza Hut or Domino's have great deals but do does Toss 'N' Fire Wood-Fired Pizza as well as Paladino's Pizza. I am not trying to stop you from shopping anywhere but simply show there are local alternatives that can often still help you financially and in return help local businesses and businesses owners who live among us in the community. Take a look at businesses like Tully's, Dinosaur BBQ, Herb Phillipson's or Hofmann's that continue to grow in the area and for some outside of CNY as well and realize we as consumers can help other local businesses grow as well which produces more local jobs as well as money that stays in the community more.

One last thing about the businesses I share I want to say: taste is subjective. I may share a deal somewhere and people may not like it but there are others who might. We all have different styles, different things we want out of life and different taste buds so what you may not like someone else may enjoy. I personally like to keep my mind open and I do not care if you are a dive bar/ neighborhood bar or a fine dining restaurant...if there is something appealing about your business, I want to try it.

Having said all of that, I want to say thank you. I swear to you I could not do any of this without the support we have received from people and businesses. I came close to closing this thing down last year but my girlfriend (now a partner in this endeavor ) as well as others encouraged me to keep going for it and people seemed to like what I was doing. I get messages from people who have a deal I should share and I love that not because I am lazy but because I can't always see everything and I want this to be about the deals and businesses and not me. I am not here to do anything but give myself a distraction and do my best to help others if I possibly can to make life better. My priority is to care for my mother so sometimes I may have an off day or two trying to keep up or posts like this may take me hours to complete as I try to fit it into my schedule and ensure she has my undivided attention and care as needed so I thank you for your patience and understanding during those times.

I believe Cuse Cheap is a great way to help both customers find brands and deals they may like and companies find maybe some customer who otherwise maybe would not have stopped there. Maybe someone sees a special somewhere they never thought to try or thought to be too expensive but they try it and love it. Maybe they plan further visits for special occasions or change their routine to include that business regularly now because that food or customer service was so good that they can't resist and all because that one time some special caught their eye.

I also hope to soon be moved back to Syracuse (for those who not know, yes I am doing this from North Carolina with the hopes to move mom and I back near family and friends ASAP) and find more ways to make this a better tool for people to utilize and enhance your lives even if it's just the ability to find a meal when you only have $20 to last you a couple days until the next payday. Or maybe we share some local charity event and you can make a an Alzheimer's caregiver, I have seen first hand how much we can all make a difference and encourage it whenever possible (including the CNY Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association).

Thank you once again and I hope you will enjoy growing with us and helping to show why Syracuse and Central New York may not be perfect but it has many things to be proud of and many local businesses offering deals or products you will enjoy. Please feel free to tell your friends and your local business about us and tell them we want show the positives in the community and make a difference.

Life is tough sometimes but we are tougher when we spread love and positive energy and help each other find ways to improve our lives and I refuse to just sit back and complain when maybe, just maybe I can help someone even if it's just a couple dollars here or there or with simple gestures and kind words. Want Syracuse to be better? Let's make it better one person at a time and highlight the things that make Syracuse and Central NY great! Turn off the news sometimes and see there is more around you than the crime and political disputes that surround us. Let's support each other and make residents and tourists proud to be here. We can only grow and make a difference with your support and I hope we all continue for many more years to come and somehow make your day better.


"If it's a fun time and/or a good deal you seek;

We'll help you find your way around CUSE CHEAP! "


Monday, May 29, 2017

Cuse Cheap Spotlight Special: Good Nature Brewing @GoodNatureBeer

Recently I received a message from Twitter friend Allan who has been very supportive of what we're doing (and we appreciate all the support we get) about profiling a place he enjoys. Of course, I said if it's local and there is enough information to do a full blog post, we could do a Spotlight Special on them. That is when Allan introduced me to Good Nature Brewing.

After doing some research myself, I found they would be a perfect fit for a blog post. I know some will likely ask, "Introduce? You didn't know about Good Nature Brewing before this?" To be completely open and honest, I knew the name but not much else and as much as I love CNY, it is hard to stay on top of every local business (but I am trying now). What I found though is a place that is not only local but offers some fun and affordable I love beer and brats! :)

Maybe you have heard the name but new to Good Nature Brewing like I was and want to become more familiar with it. Below is a video that is a bit longer than I normally share but it's a great introduction into the company and it kept my attention so check this out (plus as someone who spent 2 years serving in Germany, I can attest to her statements on German bier).

As you know, our name is Cuse Cheap so of course part of what we love to do here is sharing deals and local events throughout CNY and Good Nature has those as well. So let's start with some of their weekly occurances (many of which you can find by clicking on their calendar page here). Like Tuesdays are 2 Stamp Tuesday (get your Growler Club Card stamped twice for each growler refill) and also Pitcher Night (buy one, get the second half off), Wednesdays you can fill your 64 ounce growler and get a short of any beer for only $1, Thursdays you can get $1 off a 20 ounce cask ale while they alternate weeks between jazz and funk music, and Fridays are Hoppy Hours where you get $1 off a selected hoppy beer and a selected malt-forward beer.

On select Saturdays, you can find music including June 3rd at 9 PM when you can hear Sylvan Beach acoustic group Doug and Dave. And on Saturday June 17th, you can take part in the Good Nature Brewery Men's Health Event from 2-4 PM, though this event will be limited and requires pre-registration, which you can do on their Facebook page by clicking here.

As you can see above, they also offer an affordable brunch every Sunday and if you have followed us, you know we love sharing brunch deals. Also if you saw the opening picture, you know their Brat Stand has great deals and beer as well (which is what I plan to try first chance I get to stop in for a visit) and you can see their German Plate pictured below (along with one of their Chef's Specialty Entrees) using local sausage manufacturer Liehs and Steigerwald bratwurst or knockwurst for only $10 and most everything on their menu is sourced from local farms or purveyors, per Good Nature Brewing president and co-founder Carrie Blackmore.

Carrie has also informed me of a great deal at the Farm Brewery whether you are a regular who would like to try a different beer or maybe you are new and unsure which you would prefer. If that is the case, you can get FIVE 5 ounce tasters for only $5!

You can find a list of their year round brews here and their current specialties here or even with at least 24 hours notice, you can order a keg as well. Also check out your local retailers in 31 counties throughout New York state because you may find them on their shelves just like I did during a recent visit to a Nice-N-Easy in Cicero, which you can see pictured below.

You can find them at their website and on social media as well by clicking the links below to stay up on other deal news, to-dos and their current brews:


Oh and did you know that in addition to the Tap Room, the Beer Garden is now open!!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Cuse Cheap Spotlight Special: Courtney M. Hills ( @legalybrunetsyr ) Municipal And Real Estate Attorney

If you have followed our blog recently, you know we do a regular feature we call our Spotlight Special that focuses on local businesses who have some deals or events planned. We can also use this to profile a local product or person we think makes Syracuse and Central New York special. In this case, we wanted to introduce you to our very first VI-cheaP member to join our site and her name is Courtney M. Hills Attorney at Law.

In the past, the posts have been about profiling their events, specials or business and I just break it down for you. This time since I consider Courtney a friend, we wanted to try something different so I did this in an interview format. So below you will find 5 questions I asked her and her responses that explain why we wanted her to be a VI-cheaP member and when and why you should reach out for her services. Hereeeeee's Courtney!

1. Could you take a few minutes and introduce yourself and tell us a little more about your background and what you do?
My name is Courtney Hills, and I am an attorney with an office located in Manlius, NY. I have practiced law for more than ten years. I concentrate my practice in the representation of village and town legislative, planning, zoning, and assessment review boards, as well as the representation of buyers, sellers, developers, and lenders with both commercial and residential real estate transactions.

I am a 2001 graduate of Syracuse University colleges of Human Services and Health Professions and Arts and Sciences. I received a B.S. in psychology and a B.A. in child and family studies. Prior to and while attending law school, I worked as a social worker in the healthcare field. I received my Juris Doctor degree from Syracuse University College of Law in 2006.

2. As a real estate attorney, at what point should I contact you if I am pursuing a real estate transaction? What other services do you provide? 

With respect to residential real estate transactions, you will want to contact me once you have a fully executed purchase offer. If realtors are involved, they typically handle the forwarding of the contract to me. This is something that should be done right away because most residential real estate contracts used here in Onondaga County only have a 3-day attorney review period written into them. Commercial real estate transactions on the other hand are more involved and your attorney should be involved in the contract writing and negotiation process from the beginning.

Being a municipal attorney I also have extensive experience with land use and zoning issues. I can assist homeowners who are seeking variances from their local city, town or village zoning ordinances for projects such as pools, sheds, fences, decks, and the like. I can also assist developers with much larger projects, such as apartments, commercial businesses, and the like. 

3. Do you have any local businesses you really love or local sports teams you enjoy rooting for? Any local places you love to visit? 

I am a fan of SU basketball. I like meeting friends out to watch the games or attending games at the Dome. As far as local places are concerned, I’m pretty much a fan of all things Italian! But my (current) absolute favorite is Delmonico’s

4. Are there any organizations, charities or local activities that you take part in?
I am an advocate for women’s health issues and women’s empowerment, and I try to align myself with organizations that focus on the education and funding for such issues. A couple of local organizations I support are Hope for Heather and Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer.

Hope for Heather is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to raise funds in support of ovarian cancer research, to promote education and awareness, and to help provide comfort to women and their families devastated by cancer.

Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer is an unconventional initiative to promote awareness, early detection, and advocacy with a special focus on how the disease impacts younger people.

In addition, I have recently become involved with the Rescue Mission, which organization provides those in need with food, housing and employment in Central New York. 

Another passion of mine is advocating for safer and more regulated personal care products. No beauty products (i.e., lotions, sunscreens, cosmetics, shampoos, etc.) require FDA approval before going to market. In fact the last time Congress passed a major law regulating cosmetics was in 1938 and currently the number of potentially harmful cosmetic ingredients banned or restricted in the U.S. is a mere 30. Meanwhile our neighbors – the European Union have banned or regulated the use of over 1,300 ingredients known to be harmful and Canada has banned or regulated over 600. I am an advocate for the Personal Care Products Safety Act which was just introduced and would give the FDA additional authority to regulate the safety of beauty products, and I have aligned myself with Beautycounter, a company that not only provides safer products but has been actively involved in informing and educating our lawmakers regarding this issue and has been lobbying Congress for the passage of this bill. 

5. I want to say thank you for your time and your support of Cuse Cheap. This is your space to say anything you would like people to know about you or your business. Is there anything you would like to add and where can they find you on the internet? 

I have a website at where you can find my contact information and helpful blogs regarding both real estate and municipal related matters.

I would like to thank Courtney for her time, her support and her friendship. You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook if you would like to follow her and support her as she supports us and the community. And don't forget to check out her website which also features that blog she mentions in her closing statement.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Cuse Cheap Spotlight Special: Empire Brewing Company @EmpireBrew

I admit I have been slacking on Spotlight Specials lately to concentrate on other things but hopefully I can get back into doing them regularly. With that in mind, I wanted to bring it back with a local company I personally love and have for years: Empire Brewing Company.

For the last few years, when I am around Armory Square, one of my favorite stops is Empire. After following them on Twitter and hearing Tim Butler on KRock's The Show, I started to become interested in trying their products. Now I am not generally a craft beer guy but I have enjoyed some of the beers I have tried over the years there. In fact, one of the last memories I have with my father before he passed was sharing a Otto Amber Ale/East Coast Amber with him over lunch at a restaurant in Oneida and it's still one of my happier memories in life.

Over the last few years, I noticed that have not only been expanding into more restaurants like that throughout the state (and even outside of it at times) but also started bottling it. Now I can swing by a Wegmans or Nice N' Easy and grab up a six pack of my East Coast Amber or occasionally my other favorite: White Aphro, which apparently is not a hair growth medicine as I had hope but it was quite good. Not to mention, Empire Brewing Company in Armory also offers a weekly brunch experience with music as well.

Now if you do follow their Twitter account, you will also see another reason I wanted to do a Spotlight Special on them. They often tweet out that days lunch specials and I love seeing them especially if it's one of their burgers or flatbread pizza. The staff is very knowledgeable about the beers usually so if I ask questions about the beers since I have no clue about craft beers to go with my lunch, they are very helpful.

If you watch the video at the beginning of this post, you also know they have since started a Empire Farm Brewery in Cazenovia. This is a phenomenal facility that not only allows for more space but also the ability for us as consumers to experience more about how these brewmasters put together such a tasty presentation.

This facility also allows for them to host events like their upcoming Beer + PiYo event  this Thursday April 30 from noon to 1 as well as their Pints, Poses, and Perennials event on Saturday May 13th, which for only $20 you can enjoy a yoga class, a pint of Empire beer and a potted perennial from Maple Hill Nursery. Also on Mother's Day, at both locations, all mom's get a free pint of beer and a free Beignet while supplies last at the Syracuse Brewpub location.

You can also sample some Empire Brews at The Yard in Manlius on May 21st along with the music of The Bones of JR Jones and Mickey Powell from 6-10 PM for only $10. Click the links to save the event to your Facebook page or let them know if you're interested in attending.

Empire Brewing Company is also living, breathing proof that if you support a local company, it can grow bringing recognition to the area and hopefully more visitors or at least add something extra for visitors to try while they're here as well as more jobs. Something I would love to see more local businesses doing and I maybe it's pie in the sky thinking but it's part of why I want to do this blog and social media the hopes we can make local, smaller businesses get more exposure and grow.

And they also go out in the community and support other local businesses as well as sponsor/work with events like Syracuse Fashion Week. They even work with local companies to create beers in conjunction with their products such as the Apple Harvest Ale (Beak & Skiff), Local Grind (Cafe Kabul), and Critz Apple Ale (Critz Farms) as well as Deep Purple that uses NYS Concord grapes and the Skinny Atlas Light named after Skaneateles Lake, from which they draw their brewing water.

The Empire Farm Brewery (located at 33 Rippleton Road in Cazenovia) is open Thursday- Sunday 11:30 AM- 9 PM and the Empire Brewpub (located at 120 Walton Street in downtown Syracuse in the Armory Square district) is open 7 days a week. So if you happen to be in Cazenovia or Armory Square, stop by and give them a try (and if you happen to see Tim Butler, tell him Orange Chuck says hello). Or swing by your local store or restaurant and look for one of Empire's various beers on tap or in bottles and if they don't carry it, ask them if they would.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Finding Your Way Around Cuse Cheap: Weekends Are Specials

And we now present to you the weekend edition that concludes our series about daily specials titled Finding Your Way Around Cuse Cheap. The series is a list of specials every week on specific days of the week and this post covers Friday, Saturday and Sunday. As we stated in the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday posts, these are running lists and when we notice or are notified something should be updated or added, we will gladly edit it.



  • Chicken and Biscuits Dinner $11.99, Queen Prime Rib Dinner $21.99 and King Prime Rib Dinner $23.99 at Eddie's Restaurant
  • Corn Fed Black Angus Prime Rib Dinner $13.95 5-8 PM at DiBello's
  • Prime Rib Dinner with Salad and Potato $12.95 at Frank's Plank Road
  • Mates Cut Prime Rib with Choice Of Deep Fried or Broiled Haddock, Fantail Shrimp, Frog Legs, Deep Fried Clam Strips, Deep Fried Coconut Shrimp or Grilled Salmon $26.98 5-10 PM at Borio's Restaurant
  • Prime Rib No Choice 1BP Beef 8 Ounce Mates Cut $14.99, 12 Ounce Captain's Cut $17.99, and 16 Ounce Admiral Cut $20.99 at Fisher Bay Restaurant


  • $2.50 games, $2.50 shoes and $3 PBR after 6 at AMF Strike N' Spare Lanes
  • 1 Free Kids Hibachi Meal with Purchase of 2 Adult Entrees Excluding Holidays. Hibachi Room and Dine In Only at Sake Bomb
  • Kids Eat Free (some restrictions may apply) at Papa Gallo Mexican Restaurant
  • Free Kids Meal With Each Adult Meal Purchase (10 and under) at Zebbs Grill & Bar
  • Free Kids Scramble with Adult Brunch Purchase During Brunch Hours and 1/2 Price Wings Until 9 PM with Purchase of a Beverage at The Distillery
  • 55 Cent Wings Noon-4 PM at Borio's Restaurant
  • Prime Rib Sandwich (when available) or Chicken & Biscuits Dinner $11.99 at Eddie's Restaurant
  • Chicken and Biscuits $9.99 And All You Can Eat Sauerbraten Served with Red Cabbage and Egg Noodles $11.99 at Euclid Restaurant
  • Buddy's Plate (two hand-patted burgers, mac salad, crinkle fries, sauteed onions and mustard piled up and smothered with a Rochester hot sauce delicacy) for $9.99 and All Day Happy Hour Specials at Good Buddy's Pub
  • 1/2 Off Any Bottle of Wine All Day at 1060 Restaurant
  • Any Cheese Or Pepperoni Pizza for $6.99 at Select Byrne Dairy Stores
  • 1 Donut for 70 Cents or 2 for $1.19 (AM) and One Whole Cold Sub for $5 (PM) at Stewart's Shops
  • 1st Sunday of Each Month Get Free Admission at MOST
  • Also Don't Forget There Are Many Great Local Brunch Deals, Many of Which We Have Posted About Here and Here

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Syracuse Brunch Scene Volume II: Party Hard And Brunch Harder

Welcome to another edition of The Syracuse Brunch Scene! The first edition (which you can find here) is now the most viewed post in our blog history and I figured I would finally post a sequel. I wanted to do my best to find a diverse list that included a couple local favorites as well as a couple maybe you were not as familiar with (though I am sure most of you hardcore brunchers probably know about them all). This obviously is not a complete list but just some more I felt looked interesting enough to share. I will gladly do another list if I can find another 10 or so more that are interesting as well as distinct and preferably locally owned.

Before we get started, I would love to plug one other thing if you brunch at home on Sundays and would like some enjoyable music while you do. Blue Moon Cafe Radio airs Sundays 7 AM- Noon on TK99 in Syracuse (which you can also stream online using the link above or via their free mobile app) and on WOUR 96.9 FM in Utica. Join host Mimi Griswold as she plays an eclectic array of mostly acoustic singers-songwriters from over the years. You can also hear her play Alice's Restaurant on Thanksgiving Day and holiday music as Christmas nears.

Let's get ready to brunch!


Location and Contact Information
53 West Genesee Street
Skaneateles, NY 
(315) 685-1500

Brunch Schedule: Sunday 11 AM- 3 PM

Brunch Menu Options: Bread and pastries served for the table and various fruit, grain and sweet, savory and egg based items to choose from with the option of two plates ($29) or three plates ($42) plus additional add on items.

Also EIGHT featured cocktail options including Bloody Mary and Mimosas as well as various juices.

You can view all the options here.


Location and Contact Information
304 East Onondaga Street
Syracuse, NY 13202
(315) 475-7344 (reservations required for parties of 7 or more)
Contact information at the bottom of the homepage

Brunch Schedule: Every Sunday 11 AM- 3 PM

Brunch Menu Options: The Mission Restaurant is a Mexican based restaurant so most menu items are a mix of your average brunch items along with a Mexican twist as well. Several items, salsas and sides to choose from as well as drinks (Mimosas included). Also features 3 options on the kid's menu $5 and under for children 10 and under.

To view the full brunch menu, click here.

Ocean Blue Rooftop Restaurant & Oyster Bar

Location and Contact Information
118 Columbia Street
Utica, NY 13502
Contact Page

Brunch Schedule: Every Sunday 11:30 AM- 3 PM

Brunch Menu Options: Various brunch entrees ($10-$18), sandwiches ($10-$19), a raw bar, appetizers, sides, soups and salads. You can also order the "Bubbles N' Brunch" option for $39.

For their full brunch menu, click here and check out their Mother's Day offer below.

Blue Water Grill

Location and Contact Information
11 West Genesee Street
Skaneateles, NY 13152
(315) 685-6600
Direction Page

Brunch Schedule and Menu: Every Sunday 12-2 you can enjoy their "Brunch In A Pint Glass". It's a Bloody Mary Bar/Buffet with premium liquors and over 45 toppings to complete them.

The Sherwood Inn

Location and Contact Information
26 West Genesee Street
Skaneateles, NY 13152
(315) 685-3405
Contact Page

Click Mother's Day Brunch Menu  to see what they have to offer.

Cathy's Corner Cafe

Location and Contact Information
929 Avery Avenue (Tip Hill District)
Syracuse, NY 13204
Contact Page

Brunch Schedule and Menu: From now until Father's Day, you can enjoy a brunch buffet on Sundays 10 AM- 2 PM for only $18.95 per person.

The Lincklaen House

Location and Contact Information
79 Albany Street
Cazenovia, NY 13035
Contact Page

Brunch Schedule: Every Sunday 9 AM- 1 PM

Brunch Menu Options: Brunch buffet for $15,95 plus tax and gratuity per person. For their full list of food and drink (juices, bloody mary and mimosas) options, click here.

Aster Pantry & Parlor

Location and Contact Information
116 Walton Street (Armory Square)
Syracuse, NY 13202
Contact Page

Brunch Schedule: Every Sunday 11:30 AM- 4 PM

Brunch Menu: Aster Pantry offers a full variety of a la carte options including starters ($5-$11), plates ($10-$14), sides ($2-$6), and sweets ($6-$8). They also offer several "Morning Pick-Me-Ups" ($7-$14) as well as Brunch Classics ($4-$9) for those looking for some adult beverages to compliment their palate.

You can view their entire brunch menu by clicking here.

Otro Cinco

Location and Contact Information
206 South Warren Street
Syracuse, NY 13202

Brunch Schedule:Saturdays and Sundays 11 AM- 4 PM

Brunch Menu: Otro Cinco features a variety of options that includes Jerk Chicken Quesadilla ($8), Catfish Burrito ($11), Huevos Racheros ($9), Lobster Taco ($15 for two, $19 for three) and Jalapeno Cornbread ($4). You can also select from 10 cocktail options ranging in price from $5-$10 and $3 Red Stripe and Heinekin beer specials.

To view the full menu including cocktail selection, click here.

Alto Cinco

Location and Contact Information
526 Westcott Street
Syracuse, NY 13210

Brunch Schedule: Saturday 8 AM- 3 PM & Sunday 10 AM- 3 PM

Brunch Menu: Posted below

Monday, April 17, 2017

Finding Your Way Around Cuse Cheap: Make Way For Thursday

Welcome back for another Finding Your Way Around Cuse Cheap post and this time we will cover Friday Eve...aka Thursday! Just like Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday's posts, we feature over 20 specials that we hope you will enjoy throughout CNY and make life a little easier on you at times as well. And since we have done this before, there's no need for an introduction so let's get to some great local deals you can find to help you navigate your way around Cuse Cheap.

Thursday's Specials