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Saturday, August 20, 2016

@PrimoAndMarys #SalsaCuse Is Local, Delicious & Helping @alzcny To #EndAlz At The @NYSFair

For those who follow me on social media, you may know by now how much I love Primo & Mary's Premium Black Bean & Corn Salsa. If you do not follow me on social media, you are about to see just part of the reason why I love the product and supporting this great local company.

A couple years ago, I was told about this salsa. As someone who occasionally loves to relax watching TV with a bag of tortilla chips and salsa, I tried it and I fell in love instantly. I would keep a jar at work to go along with my lunch occasionally and jars at home as well.

Last year when dad passed away and I become the day to day caregiver for mom, the cooking duties fell to me and as someone who is a horrible cook that gets frustrated easily in the kitchen, I looked to find easy recipes. One such recipe I found on Pinterest was called Salsa Chicken (recipe is pictured below) and it was so simple and when made with Primo & Mary's Salsa tastes so delicious as well.

I have also become friends via social media with company owner Tina McPherson. We have shared our salsa recipes with each other, our love of other local businesses and a previous conversation we had may have hinted at the idea of nicknaming it #SalsaCuse.

Over the years, Primo & Mary's Salsa has grown and is now being carried in many places (and very soon will include Wegmans). To find out the store and closest location to you, you can find a list of where to find it by clicking here.  If none of these locations are near you, you may also have it delivered to you as well (the link for that is here) or check out the great folks at Syracuse Crate who offer it as part of some their crate deals for the out of town Syracuse lover. You will also be able to find it this year at the New York State Fair and your purchase will benefit a charity very close to my heart.

Recently Tina told me via their Twitter account (you can also find them on Facebook and Instagram) that they will donate $1 for every jar of their salsa sold at the State Fair to the CNY chapter of the Alzheimer's Association. Here is all you have to do:

  1. Find the Taste NY Marketplace in the building between Gates 1 & Gate 2
  2. Locate Nelson Farms
  3. Buy a jar of Primo And Mary's Salsa and not only do you get the best salsa but you help a local charity that does great work for people like my mother who live with Alzheimer's disease.

So I hope many of you planning to attend the New York State Fair will pick up a jar while you're out there enjoying your free Chevy Court shows, 25 cent milk, a Gianelli's sausage sandwich, Villa's Pizza Fritte, or whatever fried fair food tickles your pickle. If you haven't tried their salsa, this is your chance. If you have, you know why you should grab a jar or 12 to take home. Keep in mind purchasing this product helps a charity and a local business and the more we can support our local businesses, the more they can grow and give back to the community in various ways. So tell your friends and family to be sure at this years fair to add a little #SalsaCuse to their fair itinerary and do your part to help maybe one day soon #EndAlz.

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