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Monday, August 1, 2016

Ain't Looking For Nothing But @TullysGoodTimes And It Don't Get Better Than Tenders

For those who know me, they likely knew this column was coming sooner rather than later. For years, I have been a fan of Tully's Good Times. When I first started going there, I loved their cheese steaks and burgers but then one day with the encouragement of family, I tried the Tully's Tenders and it was love at first site. But the tenders & food are only part of the reason I love supporting this great establishment.

For instance, not long ago I had an issue with a visit that took place at one of their locations. I admit I did not handle it well at first venting about it on social media instead of contacting them directly first. When I finally did contact them, the customer service I got was handled respectfully and they worked with me to correct the actions to my satisfaction to the point I went back and was very satisfied.

I am also a fan of their generous portions of soft drinks and tasty popcorn at every table. I enjoy occasionally taking part in the games like air hockey and basketball as well. I also love the Syracuse memorabilia that surrounds the place and seeing which baseball card I get carved into the table I am seated at. And as part of my visit, I love when they have Tully the Turtle out front for a picture opportunity.

So as you can see, I do have a fondness for Tully's for various reasons as well as sentimental reasons since I enjoy it with friends and family. But did you know eat at Tully's can also be very affordable for you and your family....or just you if you choose? How? Well it wouldn't be Cuse Cheap if I didn't explain ways to enjoy it while also trying to save money.

Well, if you have been reading my blog, one of my more popular posts was an earlier one called Cuse Cheap Meal Deals For The Kids And Family. Included in that post was their deal they current have for kids on Wednesdays which is VERY affordable. But did you know their kids menu is also affordable with prices varying from $3.59 for a grilled cheese and fried on the Little Sluggers Menu to $7.49  for a 6 ounce flat iron steak and fries on the Major League Menu (only $4.49 for the kids version of the Tully's Tenders platter). Keep in mind that these menu items do not include drinks but they do have soft drinks that are refillable and everything from milk to Gatorade to even some kid's smoothies and "mocktails". And also be aware that items on the Major League Menu are not applicable for the Wednesday meal deal or if you happen to have free kid's meal coupons.

But you don't have kids or you you just want a good deal for yourself? You can always save a little bit of money by catching the lunch specials Monday-Friday until 2:30pm. They also offer some good drink specials as well as their happy hour and late night specials (dine in only). My favorite deal is (and this may vary based on location but I know it applies to the Cicero and Syracuse locations) that you can get late night tenders with fries starting at 9pm for only $5.50 with the price of a beverage but they also offer other appetizer and drink specials for both happy hour and late night. Want more information about these deals? Click here to view the menu yourself.

I also recommend checking them out on Twitter, Facebook and checking their website periodically for upcoming events and specials (and don't forget to check out their gift cards, beer growlers and party platters). If you keep a look out, Tully's also occasionally offers some deals through different fund raising efforts. Often times you can get deals in association with Syracuse Crunch hockey games or find players doing autograph signings at certain locations. And even Miss Syracuse 2015 can't resist those tasty tenders.

So if you're in the mood for an affordable meal as well as the best chicken tenders in the world, be sure to check out your local Tully's with 10 locations throughout Central and Western New York.

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