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Monday, July 18, 2016

Great Specials & Casual, Family Friendly Fun at @Trappers2Pizza

*I would like to apologize as I previously had a bad link to their website and one of their specials listed incorrectly. Those issues are now fixed and I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused Trappers 2 and any readers who viewed the earlier errors.*

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE pizza!!!! If there was one thing I could likely eat every day and never tire of it, it's pizza. So today I wanted to focus on a pizza place in Minoa that I love following people they are great to interact with and have great specials...Trappers II. Located at 101 North Main Street in Minoa, they open at 11:30 AM Monday-Friday and at noon on Saturday and Sunday (closing times are 10 PM Monday-Thursday, 12 AM Friday night, 11:30 PM Saturday and 8 PM on Sundays).

When I reached out to them to ask about their specials earlier today, what I found out was Monday is family night. Sadly due to circumstances beyond my control, I wasn't able to get this up sooner for people to see it early but here is their Monday deal:

$10 18 inch cheese pizzas and half off fried dough ($2.50)...I do love fried dough!

The good news is, I also learned they have other great deals such as lunch specials Monday-Friday $5 for 2 cheese slices and a soda or $6 for two one topping pizza slices and a soda. They also have other specials listed on their specials page that you can find here.

Are you a member of a golf league in Bridgeport, Chittenango, East Syracuse-Minoa or Fayetteville-Manlius areas? You can also get a great deal by registering for their 19th Hole Golf Club, As a member of this club, you will receive vouchers you can use for free or discounted items at Trappers II and one team will be chosen at the end of the summer to receive a party for their whole league. For more info on it and to sign up, click the link here.

I also encourage you to follow Trappers II on social media like I do to stay up on other things they have going on not listed here or on their website. You can find them on Twitter and Facebook by clicking on the respective names for the sites. So travel to Minoa and check them out today and visit their website for more information on options such as volleyball, bocce, catering, fund raising or employment opportunities by clicking

"If it's a fun time and/or a good deal you seek; We'll help you find your way around CUSE CHEAP!"

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